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Welcome to To Be A Pilot (.co.uk) the number one resource for all students and aspiring pilots out there, be that airline or military. Our website aims to answer all of your questions, from which medical you need to what a JOC course is. Use the above links to start browsing our array of information and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about flight training.

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The Simple Diagram 0-(f)ATPL

We've put together a nice simple, print-out diagram together to show you the route from 0-hero, or professional pilot as it would be...

The plan gives you a brief description of each stage and also details a rough cost, which as you will appreciate can vary from place to place so please dont take it as gospel!

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Which Medical Certificate?

Gaining a medical certificate may sound daunting at first, but once you know the details about where to go, what's required and plenty of other details, it all becomes 'part of the process.'

In this area you can also download any medical forms you may need to fill in before visiting your local Aero Medical Examiner...

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Fancy a bit of instructing?

Want to pass on your flying skills to other people and be paid to do so? Well instructing may just be for you. Check out our guide, as well as our salary guide, on how to become an instructor, whether it be teaching private flying in a club atmosphere or commercial training at a flight training operation.

If it isn't in here, it isn't worth knowing about!


Licences explained

All professional and private flying licences, ratings and qualifications explained in detail for the training pilot and the already qualified pilot.

Renewal, revalidation and issue information as well as issue requirements, complete with direct links to CAA documents.

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